Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fahrd Fosté


© Eric Hwang (

© Nicole Horsford


Erik Webb – ZINDAGI, San Francisco (

Allison Dietze, assistant

Make Up 

Jewrelmakeup (


Annatruus, Elle, Estella, Lisa, Marie-Jose, Nada 

Junior Carrasquillo, Josh Cassidy, Dominick Fransisco, Julien Herrera, Parker Hurley, Mikael Larsson, Josh O'Sullivan, Andrew Ruffin

from RED NYC

Specials thanks to

Megan Bowman, Jorge Corcino, Bianca Cortinas, Nicole Horsford, Klaus Kempenaars, Andrew Shirk, Malcolm Simpson

We would like to thank to following sponsors for their generous support

Sony Ericsson

Glacéau vitaminwater®, vitaminwater10 and smartwater


1)  Nylon canvas jacket, wing tinted top, and grey chiffon short

2) Tiered vest with neoprene leggin

3) Fine nylon canvas tube tank, and stretch vinyl tight

4) Crossover swim tanks with side fin neoprene leggin

5) Short neoprene overall

6) Tinted jacket, string swim tank, neoprene swim trunk

7) Fine nylon canvas dress

8) Tinted cone dress with cut-out neoprene suit

9) Nylon canvas jacket, bi-level nylon cotton shirt, rib-stop draw cord short

10) Mod varsity sweater, oversized cotton trouser

11) Neoprene blazer, cotton gauze shirt, and double cord oversized trouser

12) Cascading fin neoprene dress

13) Noncommittal wet suit

14) Committed wet suit

15) Razor fin neoprene dress

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fahrd Fosté

Spring-Summer 2010 Collection

Wednesday, September 16, 2009 at 4PM
Sara D. Roosevelt Park, New York Central K Pit at Broome Street (btwn Chrystie-, Delancey- and Forsyth Street – Lower Eastside)

An outdoor event – sun or rain.

How to get there:
B, D – Grand Street, M, J – Bowery

They move beneath us every moment. A world parallel yet different in every way. A colony deep in submersion, beyond the darkest points man has ever seen. There exist a species, a water creature... These creatures have survived things man can only dream and have seen all its planets amenities; air, land, and sea. The sea is their home. Thriving and evolving a vast civil world – a water world filled with splendor and beauty. The creatures know their civilization can only continue as long as man can not interfere. Aquarian beauty untold... of the WATER COLONY.

Fahrd Fosté will be showcasing an outdoor fashion show event to present the Spring/Summer 2010 Collection on September 16, 4pm, at the Sara D. Roosevelt Park (btwn Broome-, Chrystie-, Delancey-, and Forsyth Street) in the Lower Eastside. In an unique collaboration with Sony Ericsson, Fahrd Fosté will show a men/women collection. Together each model will be carrying the sound for the show in their hands to create a virtual experience. Noise as the ultimate New York stable will be the perfect combination to further the vision and concept of a new Fahrd Fosté fashion project.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fahrd Fosté in ALEIM magazine
French top-model NNENNA dressed in Fahrd Fosté for the premiere issue of ALEIM magazine. Exclusively photographed by Andrew Dosunmu in downtown New York on a sunny day in June. LA based magazine ALEIM – an interview source that explores creative personalities – will be on the stands this coming Fall 2009. Be ready to get your personal issue!
Photos: Rozano Johnson

Monday, June 15, 2009

Fashion with Compassion. 

Fahrd Fosté presention at "Fashion with Compassion" Shopping Party. Operation Fairy Dust, Belles & Bulls, and organized an evening of cocktails, fashion, & shopping for a great cause. The event included an informal fashion presentation of Fahrd Fosté. Proceeds will be donated to Operation Fairy Dust, a non profit organization.

Photos: William Bert, Christopher Butt

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fahrd Fosté
The Cosmos Same – PART I: Femme
Fall-Winter 2009 Collection

1) Rings knit pieces, slim trouser. Copper/Rubber jewels.

2) Molded copper jacket, black sleeveless knit, asymmetrical top, loose trouser.

3) Funnel top, crater pant, Copper/Rubber jewels.

4) Crater coat, foam sweater loose trouser.

5) Silver knit, straps, rings leather skirt. Copper/Rubber jewels.

6) Copper uni suit, moth dress. Copper/Rubber jewels.
The Team

Hair Erik Webb
Make Up Erica Ogawa
Models Red Models NYC
Shoes AJP by Alana Jill Petersen
Video Marion Wicher, Yes Architecture
Photography and Videography Mike Kobal and Nicole Horsford

Special thanks to Selma Berisalic, Megan Bowman, Paidemoyo Chideya, Jorge Corcino, Donald Fitzgerald, James Gibbs, James Holley, Nicole Horsford, Klaus Kempenaars, Azra Musemic, Andrew Shirk

Sponsors Al Abayan, Simon Preston Gallery, xSITE