Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fahrd Fosté
M O D E R N - P S Y C H O S I S

Spring-Summer 2011 Collection


© Mike Kobal (


Erik Webb, Nicole Ahlgren, Nelson Vercher

ZINDAGI, San Francisco (

Make Up

Erica Ogawa (

Satsuki Soma


Pre-show sound wave

Jorge Corcino

Transition and main-show sounds

Hasan Foster and Klaus Kempenaars


Andrew Shirk



Chloe @ ReQuest (New York)

Lauren @ Red (New York)

Nnenna @ Karin (Paris)

Aerol @ Identities NYC (New York)

Warren Lloyd @ Slamm Model Management (Atlanta)

and Runway, The Talent Group (Miami)

Dorian @ Identities NYC (New York)

Matthew @ Identities NYC (New York)

Specials thanks to

Megan Bowman, Jorge Corcino, James Gibbs, Ryan Granville, Ari Harris, Klaus Kempenaars, James Lewis, Azra Musemic, Samuel Niddam, Andrew Shirk

We would like to thank to following sponsors for their generous support

Neenah Paper

Glacéau vitaminwater® vitaminwaterZERO™ smartwater®

Participant Inc.


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